Letter from the Chief Executive

A little more than 4 years after our IPO, I am proud of the Fibra Nova team and the results we have achieved, tripling the value of the trust and maintaining the profitability and cash flow generation levels we are known for.

Our performance during 2021 attests to the fact that our business model is sustainable and has allowed us to continue growing at double-digit rates, with a real estate portfolio that is resilient in times of crisis and the effects brought about by the COVID-19 pandemic almost two years ago.

We know that it is essential to keep communication channels open and to foster dialogue with them as part of our daily activities that allow us to build lasting trustbased relations. I am convinced that in the same way that our collaborators have led us to become one of the most profitable Mexican REITs, we will continue to move forward in our sustainable efforts, outlining our goals and efforts through this report in a transparent manner to our stakeholders.

  • Fibra Nova is a Real Estate Investment Trust specialized in the acquisition, management, and development of real estate, mainly industrial, for lease with an organizational structure aligned to investor’s interests. We have a sound growth plan and a clear vision for the acquisition of unique and competitive properties for the satisfaction of our tenants.

  • At Fibra Nova we are aware that to have a solid and robust ESG strategy, the first step is to know our stakeholders, their needs and expectations, as well as the trends and best practices of the sector to generate greater value inside and outside the organization. As part of our sustainability efforts, during 2021 we conducted our first materiality assessment along with the identification of our stakeholders.

  • In Fibra Nova we adhere to the provisions established by the Mexican Association of REITs (AMEFIBRA) in its ESG manual prepared in 2020.

    This manual consists of the following indicators:

    - General: 20 environmental, social, and governance indicators that apply to all Mexican REITs affiliated to AMEFIBRA regardless of their sector, divided into three phases according to the time it will take Mexican REITs to manage, compile, and publish the information

    - Sector: four specific indicators for the industrial sector.

    At the end of 2021, Fibra Nova had 54% progress of the indicators listed in AMEFIBRA ESG manua

Our portfolio is distributed as follows:

Corporate governance

At Fibra Nova we are aware of the importance of having a solid corporate governance for the operation, growth, and continued existence of the organization. Therefore, we have a robust governance structure that exceeds industry standards and promotes a culture of integrity and ethics throughout our operations.

Our corporate governance is guided by the Corporate Governance Operating Policy, which lays down the guidelines for the operation of the governing bodies and seeks to improve the organization’s management capabilities through: